The Organisation and Governance Structure of the UAS CDC

Steering Group

The Defence UAS CDC is governed by a 1* Steering Group setting the strategic direction to the UAS CDC Management Board. The Steering Group agrees the Critical Success Factors and provides periodic briefs to Industry.

Management Board

The Management Board acts as the communication conduit for the execution of the UAS CDC strategy set by the Steering Group and is supported by representatives from DE&S, the four FLCs, AWC UAS TES and Dstl.

Delivery Team

Accountable to the Management Board and responsible for the day to day administration and management of the UAS CDC such as providing advice and assistance, enquiry and task delivery, co-ordination activities between Industry and MOD and placement of tasks under subcontracts with selected/capable suppliers.


Governance Responsibilities
UAS CDC Steering Group ​Sets Strategic Direction
Assesses Delivery
Out-briefs Industry
UAS CDC Management Board​ ​Sets Priorities from Strategic Direction
Directs Works/Assesses Output/Work
UAS CDC Delivery Team​ ​Capture/Defines Requirements
Delivers/Oversees Tasks
"Memory" of UAS CDC